Welcome to the official documentation for DAODISEO, a decentralized financial infrastructure powering the innovation of money. DAODISEO provides the foundational building blocks for a new real estate digital economy with its network of existing real estate development projects that leverage the DAODISEO Open Ledger to interact with their customers. They do so by creating a fully trusted and transparent environment where all parties can access reliable information about the assets under development, while contributing to the security of the network by running DAODISEO validation nodes.


What is ODISEO?
Learn about ODISEO Liquid Real Estate protocol.


Get started with Station
Create a wallet and stake ODIS for rewards.


Hack Week resources
A helpful list for Hackaton hackers.


Build a dApp
Set up your environment and start building.


Explore the ecosystem
Discover ODISEO’s dApps and projects under development.


Learn about the modules at the heart of the protocol.


Run a full node
Contribute to the security of the network.


Build with Javascript.


Build with Python.